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SnabbLab Laboratory Information Management Platform

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Improve Patient Experience

A perfect channel of communication with patients including an end-to-end digital platform with appointment bookings, reports collection, online payments and many more leading to maintain patient’s trust.

Always Stay Connected

Our accessible online Lab Information Management system let you stay connected anytime, anywhere with your business operation.please add one more line in this so that it becomes similiar

Automate to Scale

SnabbLab automated working processes help you reduce costs and improve efficiency with quality results within time. Get control over audits with error-free operations.

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    Some Of Our Features


    Laboratory Management

    A software tool designed to support lab operations for centralized labs and their services locations.


    Admin Dashboard

    It allows lab professionals to easily manage users, lab tests, and track records.


    In-house Analytics

    Provides lab test values and track all visits made in by the patients.


    Easy Report

    Hassle-free report generation reducing manual intervention.


    Data Management

    A complete automatic patient management workflow delivering a quality patient experience.


    Test Master

    It allows professionals to customize particular test values automatically as per the need.


    Group Master

    It allows professionals to manage and customize a group of test values automatically without any human error.


    Email Reminders

    Update patients with the status of their report and send reminders.


    WhatsApp Reminders

    Engage with patients to check report status and to provide feedback on your services.


    We Help You Discover

    SnabbLab is a single platform for all laboratory information system helping out the Healthcare industry or medical professionals. Our goal is to provide easy access to manage laboratory data online. We believe in maintaining our customer’s smile. We truly commit full service and support to our customers. We have built SnabbLab

    And Explore Yourself

    Our team work passionately with healthcare providers to know more and understand their need of the hour, and how technology can help them in their records, also how much patient-friendly it must be. SnabbLab not only helps lab professionals/ healthcare providers to work remotely